Queens Park: Wayfinding

Moonee Valley City Council approached us to create a wayfinding strategy for all their parks and gardens within the municipality. Queens Park was the first of the parks to implement the new wayfinding strategy. The key considerations were to make the facilities easier to locate and to create a signage family which was recessive within the park.

With this in mind, we created a system that consisted of three sign types, entrance/exit plinths, low regulatory bollards and bin panelling. By having the majority of information on the entrance plinth we were able to eliminate the clutter within the park. The low regulatory bollards were placed at key positions to remind users along the way. There was also an opportunity to use existing structures within the park (bins). These were positioned at key nodal points along the path, directing users to facilities within the park.

MVQueensPark-01 MVQueensPark-02

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