State of Design Festival

In 2010 Studio Binocular was selected to develop the identity and creative campaign for Victoria’s premier design event – the State of Design Festival.

The aim of the campaign was communicate the capacity of sustainable design to change the way we live, and to engage with a broad public and business audience. Our approach was to show the way that design – through its optimism, imagination and creativity – can provide the solutions to the often daunting challenges of our time.

Together with a hard working festival team, we helped to deliver the festival a 63% increase in media coverage and a 38% increase in online traffic.


63% increase in media coverage
38% increase in online traffic

Winner of an AGDA Award in 2010





Campaign imagery:

SOD-02 SOD-03 SOD-04



As part of our overall identity design and campaign for the 2010 State of Design Festival, Studio Binocular designed a complete overhaul of the festival’s online presence. We worked with the festival team to develop a new architecture for the site, including the navigation structure and the division of the site for three distinct audience groups. The end result was a website which was celebrated for its intuitive approach, its advanced search functionality and its simplicity in handling hundreds of events. The site became a much stronger tool for the festival than it had been in the past, and easily serviced the 23% increase in traffic for 2010.




The website also featured a fully customised shopping cart for ticket purchases and event bookings:


Festival iphone app: