Stockland, Henley Properties & City of Casey

Selandra Community Place

Selandra Community Place (SCP) is a new proposition in the way we live – an interactive display home that will pilot a variety of sustainable initiatives around improving the environment, health and wellbeing of Selandra Rise residents and the City of Casey’s wider Cranbourne community. It is a public/private initiative from Stockland, Henley Properties and the City of Casey.

Current statistics show an alarming trend in building unsustainable large homes on small sites. SCP seeks to reverse this trend by helping the community manage their health and wellbeing and make informed and sustainable choices when building their new home.

Through the innovative combination of QR codes, interpretation signage and interactive media, we were able to create a communication strategy to deliver key ideas to save money, improve health and make informed and sustainable decisions. To access key messages visitors are able to use smart phones to scan the QR codes and be linked to a mobile website to gain a deeper understanding of simple initiatives they can undertake. The display home uses visual prompts to direct visitors on a self guided smart phone tour. This is supported through a more detailed main website which allows users to discover more offsite.

Winner of:
A VicHealth Environments for Health Award
An Australian Graphic Design Association
Award for Interactive Experience
A Melbourne Design Award

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