Springvale Wayfinding Signage

Studio Binocular, in collaboration with Aspect Studios and the City of Greater Dandenong, piloted a wayfinding strategy for Springvale Activity Centre with the aim to extend the system to other activity centres in the municipality.
Our work on this strategy has aided pedestrians in navigating to shops, public transport, council facilities and medical precincts throughout the activity centre. We worked closely with the City of Greater Dandenong to identify and highlight pedestrian routes which help to direct users to Springvale’s lesser known retail and entertainment areas – helping to reinvigorate these areas and reduce congestion on Springvale Road.
A hierarchy of signage elements and custom graphics were developed to brand the precinct and create a clear legible system of identifiable signs. We also worked to create identifiable 3D landmark elements and heads up information to aid navigation, while a detailed icon library was also developed to assist in CALD communication.







Icon Library:



3D Heads Up Mapping:



Precinct Mapping: