Jail time for misuse of Photoshop

We were both shocked and enthralled to read the following headline in The Age on Friday:
“Sydney conman who photoshopped pictures of himself with famous people gets 12 years jail”

Apparently this character swindled investors out of $8 million large by retouching himself into images with the Queen, the Pope, the Dalai Lama, Bill Clinton, John Howard and – you guessed it, Sophie Monk! You can see some of his handiwork below. Perhaps when he is eligible for parole he might be able to organise a role using the liquify tool on celebrity skin tones with Anna and Grace at American Vogue…



Images from original The Age article: view online here »


Needless to say, the article did set off some alarm bells for us, as this has long been a technique we’ve used to show that we have friends in high places:






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Date: March 1st, 2013
Categories: News item of the week, The bigger wider world

Did you know?

We did some googling and found that this isn’t the first time Photoshop has made its way into the courts. So much so that the LA police department now have an official “fauxtography” unit.