Ice Advice campaign

The Victorian Government’s $45.5 million Ice Action Plan aims to expand awareness of ice-related issues in a non-stigmatising way, and encourage people affected by their own or someone else’s ice use to seek help. The Department of Health and Human Services approached Studio Binocular to develop a campaign supporting the Ice Action Plan’s implementation and launch the new ice help line – 1800 Ice Advice.

Studio Binocular developed headlines, key messages and calls to action for each of the target audience groups – ranging from potential ice users, through to addicts and their families. We developed concepts around the use of close-up photographic portraits to communicate the intensity of ice addiction, then undertook a casting process to identify the most suitable faces to feature in the campaign. Working with our photographer Craig Newell, we shot the talent in a front-on, documentary style. The resulting imagery creates a sense of honesty and authenticity to help reinforce the direct language of the messaging.

Studio Binocular extended the campaign through a wide range of media executions including traditional (printed press ads, posters, fact sheets and stationery) and digital (display ads, social media content). The campaign also included strong grass-roots engagement where we developed customisable templates for local ice action groups to help tackle addition in their communities.