Victoria Law Foundation: Everyday Law

The Victoria Law Foundation is a not-for-profit, statutory body that focuses on helping Victorians understand the law and their legal system. As part of their new digital vision, the Foundation launched a new sub-brand and website to provide free, plain language legal information to the general public. Studio Binocular were involved right from the outset, working with the Foundation to review user personas as well as the most common legal situations that people face in everyday life. We undertook a naming process to arrive at the ultimate name of ‘Everyday Law.’

Studio Binocular then went on to develop a friendly, accessible and approachable tone of voice for the new brand, to distinguish it from the existing corporate voice. This helped Everyday Law connect directly to their target market in a more conversational way, whilst building on the trustworthy reputation of the master Foundation brand. This was extended into the development of humorous copy to help bring academic legal concepts into relatable everyday situations.

The Everyday Law brand was then rolled out to a variety of applications including writing case studies and designing print and online materials. It has become a valuable tool for the Foundation to breaking down barriers for people who may have difficulty navigating the complexities of the legal system.