Adelaide Wayfinding

The City of Adelaide is rated the fifth most liveable city in the world, and much of its appeal is derived from its distinctive town plan – the CBD is made up of a formal city grid, which is encircled by expansive green spaces and parklands. This configuration means that many of Adelaide’s iconic places such as Rundle Mall, Adelaide Oval, Victoria Square and Riverbank are located within close proximity to one another, with other precincts like the River Torrens and North Adelaide not much further afield. Indeed, most attractions are accessible by foot or bicycle within 20 minutes.

As part of an overarching masterplan the City needed a comprehensive wayfinding strategy which would help unify and improve the sense of place by reinforcing the linkages between the Adelaide City Centre and surrounding parklands. With the population of Adelaide growing rapidly, the strategy also needed to strengthen the case for sustainable ‘active’ modes of transport such as walking, cycling, and public transport to help circumvent the forecast increase in traffic and congestion in the city.

Studio Binocular, working in collaboration with A to B Wayfinding, undertook an extensive research phase which reinforced the importance of a holistic and integrated user-focussed approach to the project. It included the design of a comprehensive mapping system – including precinct maps and detailed ‘heads up’ pedestrian maps with illustrated landmarks for orientation and accessible pedestrian routes.

The resulting signage strategy provides a flexible and resilient information system which can accommodate future city developments. It provides a consistent city-wide framework to guide the development of signage for future projects and precincts. We are currently working with council to implement pilot programs throughout the city. The project is widely recognised as a crucial step in creating an accessible city and connecting Adelaide’s communities.

Winner of an AILA Urban Design Award in 2015.

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Frome Street Bikeway Wayfinding:

As an extension of the pedestrian and cycling wayfinding strategy, Studio Binocular through A to B Wayfinding were engaged to develop a ‘Ride Adelaide’ pilot program. This system was specifically designed for cyclists on Adelaide City’s new bike priority route – the Frome Street Bikeway. The Bikeway is part of Council’s aim to increase the number of people riding a bike by improving the quality and safety of bike infrastructure across the City. It is aligned with one of the City of Adelaide’s goal to double the number of people riding a bike in the City by 2022.

By providing safer and easier to use bike facilities, more people are likely to make the switch, and enjoy the health and economic benefits of riding a bike for work, study or leisure, especially for short trips of up to 10 km.

We developed a family of signage which provided an easily understood network of connections for cyclists on the Bikeway. A strong use of colour and graphic iconography helps make a clearly legible system which is easy to follow. A range of sign types were employed within the system, including surface graphics, kerb-side markers and co-locating panels on existing street infrastructure.