Everyday Law Messaging

Studio Binocular worked closely with the team at the Victoria Law Foundation on the development of their ground breaking community law website: Everyday Law. With input into everything from the name and URL, through to the development of case studies and copy throughout the site – Studio Binocular worked to translate complex and often dry legal information into engaging and easy-to-understand content.

Hero messages were developed for the full gamut of legal situations – including consumer, workplace, financial and family law. We took detailed legal jargon and distilled it into everyday situations to help Victorians relate to their legal system. Where possible, humour and popular culture were introduced as a way to connect with the audience and draw relevance to public life. Much of the challenge lay in creating content which was both friendly and had a sense of authority.

The end result has been the development of an approachable and engaging consumer brand which is respected as a trustworthy source of legal information.

The success of our work was recognised through Everyday Law winning the prestigious American ClearMark award for Best Legal Document. The ClearMark awards recognise excellence in plain language and are awarded by the influential Center for Plain Language in Washington DC.