Ice Advice Campaign Messaging

Talking to ice users and their families.

The Victorian Government’s $45.5 million Ice Action Plan aims to expand awareness of ice-related issues in a non-stigmatising way, and encourage people affected by their own or someone else’s ice use to seek help. The Department of Health and Human Services approached Studio Binocular to develop a campaign supporting the Ice Action Plan’s implementation and launch the new ice help line – 1800 Ice Advice.

Studio Binocular developed headlines, key messages and calls to action for each of the target audience groups – ranging from potential ice users, through to addicts and their families. It was important for the messaging to be strong and to the point, but not alarmist or likely to induce panic.

Studio Binocular developed personas for users and carers, speaking in their voice to develop empathetic messages which avoided stereotyping each group. Particular emphasis was placed on the optimistic take out that treatment is available and people do recover from ice addiction.

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