RMIT: Sustainable Urban Precincts Program

RMIT’s $98 million Sustainable Urban Precincts Program is future proofing the university’s infrastructure and helping to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. The program is the biggest of its kind in the southern hemisphere and will drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions, energy and water use.

Despite the program’s fantastic work, there were barriers in communicating the complexity of the changes to students, staff and the wider community.  Previous infographics with data and savings hadn’t resonated with audiences, so Studio Binocular came on board to simplify the messaging and create a more compelling visual. Rather than highlighting all of the individual changes and energy savings, we chose to focus on the bigger picture – highlighting the key message that RMIT is retrofitting old buildings with new technology to reduce their carbon footprint. The image of old buildings floating away helps to create an engaging and memorable solution which cuts through the complexity.